Your gift helps spread the opportunity of Mussar to people around the globe. image

Your gift helps spread the opportunity of Mussar to people around the globe.

Thank you, in advance, for your important donation to the work of The Mussar Institute.

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Your donation makes a critical difference as we deepen our community connections and spread access to Mussar teachings.

Our board, staff and volunteers are working to create a richer experience for our members and all those who might be interested in the spiritual path of Mussar. We are also working to engage Jews who may have never heard of Mussar and Jews who may not be very engaged in their Judaism at all.

We frequently receive emails expressing gratitude for our work. Here are two recent messages:

As I type this note, your books are sitting on my nightstand and have been my faithful companions every night as I battled loneliness and bitterness. I am not the same person I was when I started to read your books. Not that I am the best Mussar student, but there is something in your books powerful enough to bring healing and transformation. I write this note to say, ‘thank you.’”

Mussar found me via my brother in South Africa. He heard someone talk about Mussar on Yom Kippur at his synagogue in Johannesburg. He told me about it and Mussar and I are a perfect fit!! Thank you again and again. I am also thrilled to be reunited with my Judaism, having wandered for so long in the secular world. At the same time, I have just recently enrolled in a Hebrew course at my local synagogue and am toying with the idea of doing a bat mitzvah one of these days, maybe for my 80th birthday.”

When you give generously you are not only showing gratitude for what Mussar and TMI may have done for you, you are supporting our work to engage and connect Jews all world to their highest selves, and then make our World a better place.

We are deeply grateful for your donation. Your partnership is the foundation of all we are and do.